Monday, October 13, 2008

Another care package

Frances's grandmother Wilda wanted to send her a care package, so we've had Ann at red thread china do up another one. Here are pictures. Baby stuff is so cute!

Look at the pants--they are lined in pink. I keep thinking she might get cold, with winter coming. But I need to keep in mind that I live in Michigan, and its cold here. Frances is in Yulin City, in the far south tropics of China. The average high temperature in Guangxi Province during the month of November, when we get her, is in the high seventies! Imagine that. The poor thing--coming from tropical China to Michigan in the midst of winter, and with a shaved head. Oh well, her great great Aunt Mae is knitting warm caps for her as I write this.

The little white shoes are squeaky ladybug shoes (I hope they can produce socks for her...Ann didn't sell any that I saw) and there is a ladybug sweater there for her too. She might not get much use of that in tropical China, but she'll need it when she gets off the plane in Detroit. There are two bags of chrysanthemum tea for her foster mother, and an interesting looking stuffed creature (a centipede?) and some family pictures. Also, another digital camera. We mailed our own package to the orphanage several weeks ago (it cost $60 to mail a small shoebox sized package to China--can you believe it? Yikes! And I'm not sure I filled out the customs declaration correctly. That alone makes Ann's service such a great deal... )and that package contained two disposable cameras--and the earlier package we sent through red thread also had a disposable camera. I hope the foster mother doesn't get fed up with having to be photographer. If we get one completed camera, we will be happy. We just weren't sure that the package we sent on our own will get to her, so we're pushing our luck a bit.
Alright--thats it for now.

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Nina said...

Ann is a miracle worker!! Frances is going to be one stylish baby.

Welcome to blogger-land. Can't wait to meet Suzanne, Wilda and - of course - Frances in China!