Monday, October 27, 2008

The Itinerary...

OK, here's the itinerary...

Weds, Oct 29: Suzanne and Wilda leave Detroit in the afternoon
Thurs, Oct 30: after a layover in Tokyo, they fly to Beijing, where they will arrive late at night. A GWCA guide will meet them in the airport and take them to their hotel.
Fri, Oct 31: Tour Beijing area
Sat, Nov 1: More touring Beijing area
Sun, Nov 2: Suzanne and Wilda along with the seven other families in our group, fly to Nanning, the capital city of Guangxi Province, where Frances (aka Shi Tong) lives in Yulin City.
Mon, Nov 3: Suzanne and Wilda GET FRANCES!!
Tues, Nov 4: Adoption finalized in Nanning.
Weds, Nov 5: Shopping for baby
Thurs, Nov 6: Sightseeing trip to the Wen Wu Yuan.
Fri, Nov 7: Get passport for Frances
Sat, Nov 8: Fly to Guangzhou
Sun, Nov 9: Sightseeing trip to Chen Family Temple
Mon, Nov 10: Visa photograph and medical exams
Tues, Nov 11: Sightseeing tour to Yuntai Park
Weds, Nov 12: Paperwork
Thurs, Nov 13: Consulate appointment, pick up Visa for Frances
Fri, Nov 14: FLY HOME--leave Guangzhou, fly to Tokyo and then to Detroit. YAYY!

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