Friday, October 31, 2008

A lazy morning

I have lots of papers to grade, a house to babyproof, a cottage to finish babyproofing, baby gates to install, and it's nearly noon and I'm still slouching around the house in my pajamas. I talked to Suzanne this morning, and they sound fine. Their first day's tour of Beijing included the Panda House at the zoo, the Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace, and they seemed to enjoy it. Wilda spent 32 yuan on a Coca Cola, which roughly translates into $5--but they found a grocery store where they could stock up on that sort of thing so she won't get gouged again. Lots of people, people everywhere--they got mobbed by street vendors, everyone in Beijing stops and stares at red-headed Ariel from the Journey to Kavanna family because she looks like Hollywood, they bought a calling card, but haven't had much luck using it. They ate quail eggs for breakfast and said they weren't bad at all. They were a bit tired, and had decided to eat in their rooms instead of going out, because they wanted to preserve their energy. That's the extent of it. I expect they will be crashing before long, and then they have another day of touring Beijing tomorrow, before they fly to Nanning on Sunday, and then get Frances on Monday. Suzanne did not bring a laptop, but is going to try to email me some pictures from the digital camera, on one of the computer terminals in the hotel. If she does, I'll post them.
Tonight my big plans include going to Dog Story Theatre, which is run by Becki, who is one of the students in my American Lit class, and watching their performance of Washington Irving's "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," which is being shown tonight at midnight. It turns out that one of my English profs from Aquinas College is one of the actors in the play. Becki, my student, was talking to him about her American Lit class (and how I'm offering extra credit to any student who goes to this live production) and he asked who her teacher was, and she said me, and he did a double take, because I was his student. It will surely be interesting. Then I am off to the cottage tonight, to install baby gates on the staircase.

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Alyson & Ford said...

Hope to see some pictures soon!
Maybe Nina can take some and update her blog? We are anxious and excited to see pictures from this travel group!! We waited so long with everyone, we can't wait to hear all about their journeys!