Monday, October 27, 2008

Lighting the fuses, counting to three...


Current I-171H approval notice--check!
Older, now expired, I-171H approval notices--check!
Original notarized home study dated April, 2005--check!
Updated notarized home study dated May, 2007--check!
Updated notarized home study dated November, 2008--check!
I-864, filled out--check!
I-864A, filled out--check!
Notarized income tax returns--check!
Notarized employment letters--check!
I-600, signed by me but not filled out--check!
DS230, printed but not filled out--check!
I-604, printed but not filled out--check!
Passports with Chinese Visas--check!
Notarized Power of Attorney Forms--check!
Authenticated Power of Attorney Forms--NO CHECK, STILL WAITING FOR THE PACKAGE FROM THE CONSULATE. They put it in the mail on Saturday...
Medical Forms, to be filled out by the orphan doctor in Guangzhou--check!
Credit cards--check!
Flights confirmed--check!
Hotels reserved--check!
Warm winter clothes for Beijing--check!
Spring clothes for Nanning and Guangzhou--check!
Protein bars, triscuits, peanut butter, cup a soup, cocoa--check!
Malaria pills for Suzanne--check!
Malaria pills for Wilda--check!
Elimite, Zithromax, Nystatin and Tobrex for the baby, in case she's sick--check!

I am just going to jot down some feelings, I am not sure what to do with all this--my ADHD brain is moving a mile a minute and can't focus.

I want Suzanne back in Michigan with the baby. I feel like once we get Suzanne and the baby in Michigan, we can handle anything that comes up. Michigan and Grand Rapids bureaucracy I can deal with--its Communist China and USCIS that I have no experience navigating.

I will feel tangible relief when I put Suzanne and her fourteen pound folder of paperwork (the carryon limit on the in-China flights is 10 lbs--I don't know how that's going to work out) on that airplane. I have done everything I can do, and given her blank signed forms in case I didn't fill something out correctly. I need to just let the desire to have everything perfect go... she will be fine. She will be with our agency which as lots of experience. We are legal US citizens, we pay our taxes every year, we have jobs, we are above poverty level... that's what we're trying to prove. It will be fine. I think there will be a lawyer in one of the families in our travel group... it will be fine.

I worry that the US dollar is going to tank and the money Suzanne is carrying with her won't be sufficient to pay the fees when she gets there. She will be there DURING the election. The stock market always does weird things around the election. I know that its unlikely that the US dollar is going to go down to being worthless... but I have very little confidence in the current administration.

I worry about Suzanne and Wilda finding their way around airports where the signs aren't written in English (are the signs in English in Tokyo and Beijing? I don't know...) I worry about DVT. I worry about them getting food poisoning. I worry about them drinking bad water. I worry about them getting jet lagged. I worry about them missing a bus and getting lost. I need to just trust that they are adults, and that they can take care of themselves. Neither of these women are fools.

A thousand concerns--this has been such a long process. I just want to emerge on the other side of the adoption--I am ready for that part. These are just "labor pains." Sixteen days of labor... sheesh...thats enough to make anyone a little stressed.

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