Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Meet Frances Bernadette Tong-Shi

At long last, we received our referral on September 2, 2008. It was a tremendous blessing for us that we both had the day off the day the referral arrived, and were together when we got it, because we would have gotten nothing done at our respective jobs that day.
Her Chinese name is Lin Shi Tong. Our agency says it means "red poem." A name dictionary says it means "fragrant persimmon" and when I took out a fiestaware plate that is "persimmon" and the color matches the top she's wearing in these pictures. They call her "Tong-Tong." Lin is her surname, which is given to all the orphans in her orphanage--the Yulin Social Welfare Institute in Yulin City. Yulin City is in the Guangxi Province,which is in southwest China, bordering Vietnam. She was born February 2, 2008, and was seven months old at referral.

I absolutely love this picture, and that fistfull of grass in those tiny hands. It shows she is inquisitive and goes after what she wants. She will get on well in this household!

Poor little thing, she looks frightened. This is probably her orphanage "mug shot" or passport photo. She looks like she's fed up with having this person flashing a camera in her face. Hang in there, sweetie. Hang in there.


writing_here said...

I noticed she was born on an important feast day too!

sarakubik said...

Dale and Suzanne-
She is absolutely lovely! I am thrilled for the three of you and keep you in my prayers of gratitude!
Much Love,

Andy said...

I think our daughter Maeve is wearing this same shirt in her "mug shot." Maybe they share them? How funny.