Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pink Christmas in October

This weekend was a bit of a blur. We were down at Gun Lake on Friday night, where we spent Saturday cleaning the house for Wilda's arrival, and assembling the second crib. The crib assembly was a comedy of errors. We absolutely love the crib my father brought in from Virginia this summer--it is totally vintage, from the forties--hard wood with a little lamb decal. It came from my father's antique store. Putting it together was challenging to figure out--but mission accomplished.

My stepmother Wilda arrived this morning, just in time to attend the shower that my cousins and Aunt Marilyn threw for Suzanne. It was at the St. Adalbert's Casino Aid Society Hall over on the west side. The generosity was overwhelming--and so much baby stuff. It was like a pink Christmas. I think little girls are more fun to shop for than are little boys. Here are some of the pictures Wilda took.
This is Suzanne with her mother
(holding her niece, Rita) and sister Catherine.

Suzanne's mother (holding niece Rita), Suzanne,
her sister Catherine, and sister-in-law Angela.
Suzanne, after opening gifts for an hour, with the spoils.
I came back after 2 hours of grading papers, and the shower
was still going, and Wilda was still taking pictures.
This is our friend Martha, with her daughters Maggie and Anna.
Showing off our pictures of Frances.
Here is Suzanne, opening presents. We are absolutely in awe at the
generosity shown to us by our friends and family.
Here we are again, surveying the loot... I am wondering
how I am going to get all this stuff home.

Me, with my Aunt Marilyn and cousins.
And with a few more cousins.

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Nina said...

Wow, Christmas in October, indeed!

Suzanne, we look forward to meeting you and Wilda in Beijing in a few days!!!