Sunday, October 12, 2008

A wonderful surprise

Ann at Red Thread China is a generous, amazing woman. Aside from her very reasonably priced care packages, she was able to obtain more pictures of our daughter for us, from her orphanage director. These arrived in my email box at 1:00 on a Thursday, while I was giving my Nature Writing class a pop quiz. Like a fool, I opened the email and then found my desire to lecture about transcendentalism greatly diminished. Go figure. They turned my brain to mush. All I want to do is gaze at this precious, precocious-looking child.

Ann was also able to get the following updated measurements on her:

7.9 kg! Wow! She seems to be healthy.

Here are the pictures:

Look at this. That's pretty good for a seven month old baby, don't you think? Sure, she's propped up, and holding on to that tree, but still...
I like this picture--she has another handfull of nature, just like she did in her referral photo. She will love the Gun Lake at spring...
Look at the pretty pink outfit--awww. And look at those big eyes. They melt my heart.
It looks like we've got an inquisitive one on our hands. Good! She'll fit in well.
This is a picture of her with her foster mother, somewhere in Yulin City. It looks like they are outside a pharmacy, and that she's snatched a packet of pills to examine. LOL.

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Gretel said...

What a beautiful girl! What a wonderful blessing for you both!
Carol & Roger
(not Gretel--that's our goggle/blogger id leftover from Gretel's blog this past summer)