Tuesday, November 4, 2008

By all accounts...

The interview at the Civil Affairs office has taken place. All fees have been paid. In the eyes of the Chinese government, Shi Tong Lin is ours. Documents are being prepared, and they are in Guangxi until the weekend, waiting on Frances' passport. So far, so good.
Suzanne seems deliriously happy.
Frances is inquisitive. She climbed into her crib and proceeded to tear it apart. She's not interested in sleeping in her crib, but she likes dismantling it. She gets mad when Suzanne or Wilda are out of her sight. At the Civil Affairs office, one of the nannies who cared for her in the orphanage came towards her, and Suzanne reported that Frances shied away from her and clung tightly to Suzanne. Frances has a little friend from the orphanage who is in their group, and was very offended to see this friend of hers take Suzanne's hand.
She has three teeth, and more coming in, but she doesn't seem feverish. She has a few bug bites, and a bit of heat rash. They don't seem to bother her much. The heat rash will no doubt go away when she gets to Michigan. So will the bug bites.
Now I am sitting in Michigan, wanting pictures. Suzanne and Wilda are taking pictures on the digital camera (those of you who know Wilda well know that MANY pictures are being taken) and Suzanne has the cable to connect the camera to the computer with her in the camera bag, but she doesn't dare touch things because I am always the one who deals with cameras and computers and cables. She is scared she will delete the pictures by accident. I do hold out a bit of hope, though, because Suzanne got all four of the disposable cameras which we sent in the care packages, back, with pictures taken. She has pictures from those cameras on a disk, and feels a bit safer trying to upload or email the pictures from a disk, because she has backups. She keeps saying she will ask someone for help, but then gets distracted, which I suppose is understandable. But that doesn't change the fact that I'm absolutely dying to see pictures.
The proposed Wal Mart trip didn't materialize yesterday. It took too long at the Civil Affairs Office, and the babies were cranky, so the group wanted to go back to the hotel.
I am pleased with myself--I did remember to vote this morning... Barack Obama was kind enough to call me to remind me to go vote for him. He must have heard that I hung up on Sarah Palin the other day. The wait for the 9th precinct of Grand Rapids was about a half hour, but the line was much longer when I left than it was when I arrived. That there is a presidential election going on is a bit of a surprise to me. I haven't turned on the television since Suzanne left the house. The election is just a tiny blip on my radar. I will probably have to ask the people on the van pool who won...
Again, my relief is palpable.


Dan Aument said...

I am glad I bookmarked your xlnt blog site - I check it often and I can almost see Suzanne over there in China. You are doing a good job with - not just keeping the blog current - but with quality content.

Sharlene and I are leaving for Nicaragua on Thursday and we will not be back at Grace until Thanksgiving day.

I will keep you, Suzanne and little Frances in my prayers.
-Dan Aument

Alyson & Ford said...

Sounds like they are having much success with initial bonding. Hope for pictures soon!

Mommy to Alyzabeth for Seven Weeks
LID 01/27/06