Sunday, November 2, 2008

Chomping at the bits

I think I'm going a bit stir crazy at home by myself. If I had the sense God gave a goat, I'd be in bed, because tomorrow is going to be a busy Monday. Worst-case scenarios--some of them utterly ridiculous--fly through my head.
I've just written a stack of thank-you notes for shower gifts from last weekend. (Of course, we have no stamps, but that is easily remedied) My cousin Mary was here cleaning, and said she is coming next weekend to help me get this place babyproofed. Things are coming together--they really are. I don't know why I feel as if I've got this figurative black cloud hovering over me, but I do. After three and a half years of waiting, it just doesn't seem possible that the end is in sight. I am waiting for the Chinese to reject my paperwork because it was signed in blue pen, or because the paper didn't contain enough post-consumer recycled content. I know this gloomy foreboding I have is ridiculous, but I can't shake it. 
I'm going to bed.  

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