Monday, November 3, 2008


They got Frances at a little after 3:00 am Michigan time. I've talked to Suzanne, and all accounts point to a normal, healthy baby. She is a bit smaller than we had expected, but that's not uncommon. She has a bit of heat rash and a few bug bites--but aside from that, everything looks good. I talked to Suzanne on the phone and she said Frances (they are calling her Tong-Tong for the present, and will let her new identity as "Frances" emerge over time) is inquisitive--I got to talk to Frances on the phone--Suzanne said she was looking around the room wondering where the voice was coming from. She was also trying to pull the phone cord out of the wall.
They were not able to meet the foster mother, but Suzanne has her name. The foster mother has two sons--not sure about their ages. The foster mother was an older woman, so Frances is already very interested in Wilda, and at one point in the conversation, Wilda went to the bathroom and Frances had a meltdown. She doesn't want Suzanne or Wilda out of her sight, which, from what I hear, is fairly normal.
Suzanne says Frances is a bit smaller than we had expected--and that the clothes we sent were too small, so the orphanage kept them, but gave her a new set of clothes. She has ten fingers, ten toes. She can hear and she knew what cheerios were about, and reached for them as soon as she saw them--that means she can see, too. By all accounts, things seem good.
Barring any unforeseen problems, the adoption should be finalized tomorrow in province, and then they go to Guangzhou to deal with the US consulate in a few days.
If you wonder what the scene looked like, the family at Journey to Kavanna is in Suzanne's group, and they have been posting pictures on their blog. Suzanne and Wilda and Frances were somewhere in that same registry office. Suzanne has a computer in her hotel room, but hasn't figured out how to upload pictures (the computer is in Chinese, so its not as straightforward as you might think) and is worried about accidentally deleting the pictures. She is going to ask someone for help, but somehow, she seems to think Frances is more important right now. Imagine that. (I am attempting to be funny--probably unsuccessfully--to be honest, my nerves are absolutely fried)
Anyway, I AM very relieved and very happy. I am breathing again. I had what I can only describe as a mini-panic attack on the van to MSU. I was breathing but it didn't feel like I was actually taking in any air--then I started thinking I was getting pulmonary fibrosis (which my mother died from) and started borderline hyperventilating. I eventually got a grip.
So anyway... everything looks good. Everything is fine. I am very relieved.

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Patricia Vanderwest said...

Yeah! I knew things would be great. I did visit Kavanna's site and hope to spot Suzanne in the background, but no luck.

Hunter and Connor are thrilled for you. They have something special they want to find for their new cousin.

Ella says, "I can so relate to not fitting into the clothes that the grown-ups buy me." She is still small, so it seems that nothing fits right. It is cute to see her crawl out of her britches.

It is good to know that Cheerios are a universal treat. Ella still cries when I go to the bathroom and she has been with me for over 10 months. It is to be expected with the age, as well as, her current situation.

Relax, Dale. You will be fine. I know easier said than felt.

Love to you all! Tricia V.