Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Frances says "Last month, I was a Buddhist. This month, I'm an Episcopalian. These silly grown ups they stick me with can't seem to make up their minds about anything..."
We have a lot for which we should offer thanks--first and foremost, for Frances, an answer to years of prayers. Secondly, her pediatrician's office called and said all of her lab tests--lead, hepatitis, hemoglobin, stool... they are all normal. Frances is in excellent health. No parasites, no diseases--everything checks out. We are very relieved and very blessed.
We're also grateful that Frances is sleeping more and more at night. It seems that black beans and rice are her favorite foods, and we like them too, for a different reason. When Frances has black beans and rice (or any other protein--at the moment she also eats tofu in chicken broth and scrambled eggs, and sometimes she'll have a bit of cheese) for dinner, she sleeps until after 7am, because she doesn't wake up around 3am with that hollow feeling in her tummy, screaming for her bottle. (You can tell she did time in an orphanage--she definitely has it in her head that the one who screams loudest gets fed first, because when she is hungry--watch out!)
Frances LOVES being carried around in the Bjorn carrier. I normally hate the malls, but because Frances loves being carried around the malls in her carrier, I now love the mall. Its climate controlled and we can walk and walk and there's always something for her to see. We figured we should get the Santa Claus picture out of the way sooner rather than later this year, so we took this at the mall this past weekend. Frances is draped with a silk blanket that her grandmother made. It has a substantial flannel lining on the opposite side, so it works well draped over the bjorn, to protect her legs from cold.
Frances went to church on Sunday and loved it. She really likes music, and the organ music captured her attention, as did the many people speaking in unison. She behaved herself perfectly. Going up to communion and watching our priest bless her was a profound moment for me---one of our priests is a refugee from Sudan, and after a separation of several years, he was finally able to bring his wife and son to the US to join him, just a few months ago. That was an answer to a lot of prayer--and there he was, blessing Frances, who is also an answer to a lot of prayer. God is good.
After mass, it was quite the scene. We had dressed Frances in the red Chinese silk outfit her mother bought in Guangzhou for the red couch photos (we figured she may as well wear it while she can, and it was all we could do to button it up on her last Sunday) and we sat on one of the sofas and a line seemed to form. People left gifts at our feet. It reminded me of a Christmas pageant. We felt like the Holy Family. OK, I am exaggerating, just a bit. But its not an exaggeration to say that Frances has many fans. 
Our Thanksgiving plans are up in the air. Both sides of the family seem to be descending on Ohio. Suzanne has a very pregnant sister in Cincinatti, and my relatives are descending on Columbus. And its fine. We have a quiet weekend to just enjoy being together. That is a blessing in and of itself. 
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. 


Billy and Maggie said...

It was so nice reading this post. It makes me reflect on what is important in life and how with Gods love, anything is possible. Continued happiness to you and your family.

Suzer said...

What a happy family! And a blessing indeed.