Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I spoke to Suzanne while on my vanpool ride into East Lansing, at the break of dawn in Michigan, which was just after dinner in China. Frances is doing well. Suzanne said Wal-Mart in China is not air conditioned, and Frances got a bit of heat rash while there. Many old Chinese ladies were hovering around Suzanne at one point, and Frances wanted nothing to do with them, and clutched Suzanne tightly, as if she was worried they were going to take her away. Suzanne and Wilda have both observed that Frances has a way of pinching people when she clutches them. Frances had four night terrors during the night, but Suzanne rocked her and rubbed her belly and that got her calmed down and ready for sleep again. Rumor also has it that Frances pooped all over Suzanne's last clean outfit. Luckily, inexpensive laundry services are readily available in the hotel.
The folksy charm of the hotel in Nanning is wearing off. The room is ALWAYS too cold, to the point that Suzanne and Wilda got up and took hot showers to warm up during the night. That is interesting--Suzanne is a girl from Petoskey, which is way up in northern Michigan. Cold doesn't phase her in Michigan. We leave the thermostat set at a frugal 60 degrees throughout the winter to save on natural gas bills--that Suzanne is that cold, in tropical China no less, amazes me.
I forgot to ask if they had managed to get Frances out of her clothes. When I call tonight, I will be sure to do that.
I am impressed at the election--from my perspective, things turned out better than I had expected. The proposals about Medical Marijuana and Stem Cell Research both passed. Michigan has always been in the blue, but its always been Detroit and Ann Arbor and the east side of the state dragging the rest of Michigan (often kicking and screaming) toward progress. This time, though, both resolutions passed with good margins. Michigan is getting bluer and bluer. Its a great day to be an American. We're bringing home our "brown" child (in my Multicultural American Lit class at GV, we just finished reading Brown by Richard Rodriguez)as our first "brown" president (have you seen the You Tube video? Barack Obama is IRISH) gets ready to take office. Its taken 250 years, but the reality of cultural pluralism is finally infiltrating the national consciousness. It's a grand day.


Samantha said...

I check the blog every morning when I get into work to see if there are pictures yet, and the girls here ask me all day if there is any new news. We are all very excited for you and Suzanne. I am not at all surprised that she doesnt want to try and post the pics in fear of deleting them. lol. That definately sounds like her. I enjoy reading your blogs, your a terrific writer, please let Suzanne know that I said I love her and we all miss her here. Thanks!!

Samantha Pierce (from work)

Dale said...

Suzanne will be pleased to hear that. I will mention it when I talk to her tonight, which is first thing in the morning China time.

Anonymous said...

Dale, I see there is a photo of Wilda, Suzanne and FRANCES on the Kavanna blog!!! I am really impressed with how all three appear to be doing. Frances is adorable!


writing_here said...

12th photo in the 2:28PM 5 Nov 2008 post by Nina on Journey to Kavanna is of Wilda (with the top of her head cut off), Suzanne, & Francis!

Dale said...

Yes, that's them alright. Thanks, Martha and Jan, for pointing that out.

Alyson & Ford said...

AA also pinched herself and ME when "worried" or had anxiety. She still does it occasionally but mostly from habit. I just smile at her, rub the spot and soothe her a little. After seven weeks, she has adjusted very well. My hopes are that Frances will beat that!