Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A few days later...

I think this picture taken in one of the parks is my favorite--it is of koy (or is it carp?)--Wilda has a good eye.
And here are a few pictures of our little darling.
(She is very fond of Cheerios--in this picture, she figured out how to open the bag all by herself, and made a grand mess in the hotel room)
(She's also fond of climbing up people)
(Here is Suzanne with the sealed envelope which she had to deliver to customs to bring Frances into this country. Rumor has it that, if the envelope appears tampered with, they send you back to China. Imagine Suzanne's Chagrin when Frances got her hands on it and tried to open it)
(Here they are towards the end of the trip. You can see the money belt Suzanne wore throughout most of the trip. By this stage in the game, though, there wasn't much left in it.)
(Here's Frances exploring Narita Airport in Tokyo)

So anyway, things are going pretty well, though Frances has a cold. Its funny, but since leaving the cottage, I've not taken a single photograph. I have, however, uploaded the vast majority of the 600+ photographs Wilda took in China, and if you want to look at the collection in its entirety (minus pictures of brick walls, ceilings and the back and top of Frances' head which I thought we could all do without) you can do it by clicking on this link.
Everyone asks me how much sleep I'm getting, and from what I'm hearing from the other parents in our group, I really cannot complain. Frances goes down at about 9:30-10:00, and sleeps until 3:30-4:00. If she falls asleep in our arms, chances are 50/50 that she'll spend the night in the crib next to our bed. If she wakes up in the crib, though, she won't quiet down until we put her between us in our bed.

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