Monday, November 3, 2008

The latest from China

Frances is a good sleeper--she only got up once during the night. Reports indicate that she likes sleeping on adult pillows, and that she lies on her back with her hands underneath her head. She is teething, and has a hooded towel style blanket that she chews vigorously--apparently she doesn't know what to do with traditional teething rings. This hooded towel also seems to function as a security blanket, and Suzanne and Wilda are strategizing about how to get it away from her to have it laundered. Frances likes being fed immediately, and voices her displeasure quite loudly when things don't appear on time. She also finds the slower American nipples on the bottles quite frustrating. She giggles when her Grandmother Wilda sings to her, and she can be quite flirtatious.
Today is the day the adoption will be finalized in the eyes of the Chinese government. Today is also the day Suzanne parts with the majority of the cash she has brought along with her. I think that having all those fees paid will be a tremendous relief--one less thing to worry about, one less thing to carry around with her constantly.
I am hoping to have some pictures emailed to me at some point. From what I hear, though, ten new families will be going to the registry office, and then to Wal-Mart, which sounds like about as much excitement as Suzanne and Wilda are ready to handle.
I am so behind on grading for the online classes that its not funny!
Even so, the sense of relief I have at all of this is absolutely palpable.

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Nora said...

Hey Dale!! I love reading your posts! If little Frannie is getting some of Grandma Wilda's (Grammi's) lullabies - then believe me - she is being sung to by a pro lullabyer ( speaking from experience, of course!)