Monday, November 10, 2008

The latest...

The medical appointment went fine. The Dr said the nodule behind Frances' ear is "normal." Frances was not thrilled to have her Visa picture taken, but, the deed is done.

Wilda and Suzanne went shopping with Ann from Red Thread China as their guide. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this service... and the wonderful bargains she has access to. She directed the taxi drivers and even arranged for Wilda's heavier purchases to be shipped back to Virginia, so Suzanne and Wilda didn't have to deal with finding a shipping company. The prices for all the authentic chinese goods and merchandise on her website are so low that I don't know how she manages to stay in business. Suzanne tried to offer her more than the modest $10 per hour fee she charges for her guide service, and she wouldn't take it. Suzanne said they had a lot of fun shopping, but they're not done just yet...

They return on Friday... A funny thing about the baby. When Suzanne changes her, she screams and yells for "Nay-Nay" (Wilda) and then when she realizes Wilda isn't going to help her, she yells for "Da Da" Suzanne only brought one picture of me with her--a tiny, square, passport photo that was needed for the adoption paperwork, and Frances can now fish that picture out of Suzanne's stack of papers and says "Da Da" when she sees it. Suzanne also thinks Frances thinks her father is a telephone, because that's how she talks to me.

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Alyson & Ford said...

I wish I could post a copy of Alyzabeth's visa photo - mouth wide open and screaming! :)

Great to hear the medical went fine and I know you'll be glad to get your family home!!