Monday, November 10, 2008

Medical Appointment

I just spoke to Suzanne. Frances has her medical appointment today. There is a nodule behind her ear which they are pretty sure is a bug bite, but otherwise, the heat rash has cleared up and she has a bit of cradle cap, but things seem fine. Frances, Suzanne points out, is not at all constipated, and is very regular. She does #2 every morning right after breakfast, like clockwork. I actually called during the event, and it seems that Frances does not like being changed. I could hear her screams as they tried to change her pants, and after they got the poopy diaper off her, she wiggled free of Wilda and I heard Wilda go "oh, she got it all over my shirt" and then Suzanne say "no, not on the bed..." and at that point Suzanne said she needed to get off the phone.
You can tell I'm a new parent. Who else would think bowel movements were interesting enough to blog about.
Barring unforeseen challenges, they should be coming back on Friday.

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