Friday, November 21, 2008

Medical Appointment

Frances had her medical appointment this morning, and everything looks good. She is in the 75th percentile for height and the 50th percentile for weight, and thats according to the growth charts for American babies, not Chinese. Frances' doctor wanted to get her vaccinated quickly, so within a few moments, a nurse came in with four needles and told us to hold her down, and they did the deed. The nurse was very fast, which was good. Then we had to go upstairs to the lab, where they took three vials of blood. They were very quick at the lab too-- Frances didn't take well to all the poking--okay I'll be honest--she screamed bloody murder. But each time, she was fine within two minutes after they were done.
Right after we got our referral and found out that we had a baby in foster care, our social worker told us this dreadful story about a local baby adopted from China who was removed from her foster mother before being adopted, and grieved so severely for her foster mother that when they got her to GR she had failure to thrive, and wound up on a feeding tube in the Children's Hospital. It scared us... it majorly scared us. Thankfully, I can say with absolute confidence that there is no feeding tube in Frances' forseeable future. This baby can eat! After her medical appointment, we went to Perkins, and she ate an enire side order of rice, a side of canteloupe and honey dew melon, a scrambled egg, two full slices of whole wheat toast (crust removed, cut into small pieces), some of her mother's breakfast potatoes-mashed up, and a full bottle of formula with rice cereal. Everything we have read has said that we should keep feeding her until she doesn't want anymore food. This rarely happens--what normally happens is that she eats everything we have prepared, and we say "okay, that's enough for you right now." I have never seen her reject rice. She eats it by the bowl. She also loves watermelon. We bought two of those "personal size" seedless watermelons at Sam's Club this weekend, and yesterday Frances ate 1/4 of one of those watermelons in one setting. Amazing. This baby can eat. And our relief is palpable.


Billy and Maggie said...

Wow Dale she has quite the appetite! Good for her.

The poor baby must be so sore with all those needles. She'll need extra hugs and kisses for that :-)

Anonymous said...

Frances will be growing like a weed soon! So happy to hear that she is adjusting so well! I bet that she is keeping you two on your toes! It seems like yesterday when Chase was pulling himself up on coffee tables and grabbing everything in sight! Yikes! Please send recent pics when you have a chance! Love, Mel

Ellen said...

I just received some updated photos and one was a side view. Now that I have a better comparison, I believe that photo you sent me with Frances is indeed Flora! Thank you for such a precious gift!

Ellen said...

--Frances wins......and so it should be........!
It is a great place, Dale!