Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More Personality

Suzanne, Wilda and Frances are in Guangzhou. They went on a tour of some gardens that Frances liked quite a bit. Suzanne reflected that this is a rather odd way to become a mother--in five star hotels with bus tours and shopping excursions scheduled all the time. She is eager to return to Michigan, and the clock is winding down. Today their guide takes all the paperwork to the US Consulate and we find out if it passes muster...
Winter seems to have arrived in Michigan. On Sunday it snowed--no real accumulations--but old man winter's arrival is right on schedule.
Speaking of old men arriving on schedule--my father arrived here yesterday, complete with an icky cold. My father's sense of drive being what it is--he has no intention of laying around and recovering, or wrapping up well and resting. It was a flurry of activity--I knew if I wanted to see him at all before Thursday, I'd have to see him Monday night, so thats what we did. He is moving one of his safe deposit boxes from the old bank in downtown Kalamazoo to a credit union in Grand Rapids, so as soon as I arrived, we went to the credit union to square away that paperwork, then to Target to buy a changing table and a crib mattress for the cottage, and then we got dinner. He has the rest of the week planned out--coin shows, antique auctions, coin club meetings... he wanted to know if I wanted to go to an antique auction with him on Thursday night-- and to be honest, on Thursday night, I am planning on letting my nerves get the better of me, because I need to save these fits of panic for when I can handle them--so Thursday nights are fair game for fits of panic, because Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are all very busy days. I am doing what I can to get myself ready for Frances' arrival on Friday--so going to an antique auction in Potterville is not an option. I hope he gets over his cold before Friday--but he won't just rest. Because he spent so much time working in pharmaceutical development, he knows a lot about medication, and he medicates himself, and he has contacts that get their hands on antibiotics for him. He swears by tetracyclene, and assures me is has begun a regiment of it.
Anyway, I am off to GV. I have class from 1-2:15, 2:30-3:45 and 6:00-8:50. I still havent finished my lecture for the 6:00-8:50 class. Gotta go.

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