Sunday, November 2, 2008

My confession...

I have a horrible confession to make...
I am very rough on laptops. 
*resume normal voice*
I dropped mine last night, and this is the third laptop I've ruined in the past year. I was grading the essays for my online classes, and I tried to submit the grades, and the computer crashed. I lost all the grades and had to regrade the essays. After grading them a SECOND time, I tried to submit the grades and the computer crashed AGAIN. Only this time, it didn't restart. No matter what I tried, I couldn't get the damn thing to restart. It was very frustrating. 
Did I mention that I had dropped the computer on Friday? 
Anyway, I needed to get that dratted work done (for a third time) but I couldn't get the laptop to run, and my desktop computer doesn't have the right software installed for me to be able to do it, so I had to go out and try to find a new laptop. 
The last time I bought a laptop, I went to a small computer store and bought a re-furbished laptop for $325. It suited my purposes. But its not easy to buy a laptop at midnight in Grand Rapids.  Meijer is open 24 hours, but they don't sell laptops. WalMart closes at 11. Sam's Club closes earlier than that, as does Best Buy, Circuit City and the mall. I was S.O.L. 
I wasn't able to get a new laptop until after church today. But, this time, I bought a new one with a three year extended service agreement that covers "impact damage" (so I'm covered when I drop it) as well as "spill damage" (so I'm covered when I spill diet pepsi on it, as this was the cause of death of the predecessor to the refurbished laptop). I understand the extended service warranty also covers spilled formula. 

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writing_here said...

I've spilled milk on a HP laptop keyboard (power off, remove battery, and turn it upside down so it looks like the roof of an A frame and wait for it to dry out). Dropped the same (Dell) laptop twice, which is how I learned that hard drive replacement can be costly, but still less than a whole new laptop.

Maybe you should get one of those Panasonic Toughbooks? [I love their commercials. We can't say . . .]

PS - In Texas, a certain big box retail chain headquartered in Arkansas is open 24/7.