Saturday, November 1, 2008

Not much to report....

I talked to Suzanne a few hours ago. They didn't do much climbing at the Great Wall, because it was too cold and windy and the steps were uneven. The pollution in Beijing is bothering Suzanne's asthma. They leave Beijing early in the morning and fly to Nanning, which is the capital city of Guangxi Province. They will get Frances at about 2am Michigan time on Monday morning.
I am trying not to let the latest news about melamine tainted milk bother me--but its not easy. Several Adoption Agencies are recommending that anyone who brought a child over from China since 2005 have their children tested for melamine poisoning. Our agency maintains that the orphanages use Nestle formula, which wasn't one of the affected brands.
I am having a devil of a time keeping a wireless connection at the coffee house by the cottage. I am going to call this a post and close up.
Suzanne hasn't figured out how to post pictures to flickr from the camera yet... I think she's worried she will delete all the pictures on the camera inadvertantly. Hopefully someone who is a bit more technologically gifted will help her--

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