Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nothing exciting to report.

Things are still going well. Frances continues to bond with Suzanne, and is getting a little better about letting her Grandmother Wilda out of her sight. I talked to her on the phone, and she cooed a lot, and farted. Suzanne says she is very gassy, and is very regular. This is good news--some recently adopted children are not. Frances is on the verge of walking, Suz thinks, and also figured out how to get into a box of Cheerios on her own. Apparently these Chinese babies really go apeshit for Cheerios. I have been told I should have them on hand when I meet them at Detroit on the 14th.
They are still in Nanning. Tomorrow (5am China time, 4pm Eastern time US) they leave Nanning and fly to Guangzhou, to deal with the US consulate and Suzanne will be relieved of all of that paperwork I was stressing about. (She mentioned that she was relieved to give their guide a large stack of paperwork, only to have the guide give her a new stack of paperwork. If you ever want to adopt a child, plan on paperwork. It is somewhat worse because I am not there--but even with a husband present with you in China, there are still mounds of it to do.
Guangzhou is also where they will go shopping. Wilda is really looking forward to shopping. Really, really looking forward to shopping. They will be staying at the White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou, on Shamian Island, which is the famous final stopping point for so many American families on their adoption journeys. It is also right next door to the consulate.
For those of you interested in all the specifics, I suggest you head over to this link to the September archives for the blog "Imagine Alyzabeth An." This link will get you to their coverage of their own adoption journey to Chonquing to adopt Alyzabeth, who was 2 years old. Frances is only 9 months old, and seems much less traumatized by the adoption than do some of the other children. Anyway, this link to Imagine Alyzabeth An will let you watch videos they posted of the journey, including pictures of the White Swan Hotel, and a video of them shopping for pearls at the famous Pearl Market. Being that we had just gotten our referral, I was following the Alyzabeth An blog avidly because I knew Suzanne would be doing the same things soon.
Its been a busy week. But I don't have to lecture at all on Fridays--I just grade papers. And papers. And papers.


Anonymous said...

Dale, you might want to tell Wilda about a nice shop on Shamian Island called: A Gift From China
+86 (0)20 8121 9976
It's a volunteer shop and all profits go to charity. They seem to have more specialty, high quality items than the typical souvenir shop (although those are fun too). White Swan is lovely, they will be very comfortable. Martha

Suzer said...

Dale! How wonderful, how exciting! Just got here from your link on Facebook. Many, many congratulations headed to you and Suzanne and little Frances. I'm sure you can't wait to get her in your arms.

Alyson & Ford said...

You are too kind to mention us.
We did seem to video tape more than the other families but we are so old, we figured we needed to just so we would remember what we did each day!

Can't wait to see some pictures!!