Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pictures from Frances' First Day in Michigan

This is now my profile pic on Facebook, and I thought I might as well post it here, too. This was taken in Detroit Airport the afternoon that Frances arrived. I am not sold on digital photography--not entirely. I appreciate the speedy convenience of it all, but don't care for the image quality (and don't want to plunk down a huge wad of money for a digital SLR just yet, especially since I still have a freezer full of perfectly good, expired Agfa film) so I still, stubbornly, use my film camera. Call me old fashioned. So I didn't have these pictures available until I got them developed. Remember the good old days, when film had to be developed?

After picking Suzanne, Wilda and Frances up in Detroit, we had to drive Suzanne's mother back to her home in Lansing, so we decided to stop at Applebees and that way Frances was able to meet her Grandfather Gary as well. And since everyone was together, and I had my camera out, we were able to get a group picture of Frances with her parents and all four grandparents. It was one of those moments when all the relatives were, against all odds, uniquely assembled, so here is a true Kodak moment. 
Frances was very good in Applebees--she ate an order of rice, and some of the guacamole off her father's salad. Her grandfather Gary made sure she had some balloons, which she found fascinating. 

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Billy and Maggie said...

Awww...she is to cute!