Friday, November 21, 2008

Pictures from the Orphanage and Foster Care

I have gone and uploaded the pictures on the disk from the orphanage, as well as the pictures from the disposable cameras that we sent to the orphanage, and if you'd like to see them all--there are 105 all total--you can do it on flickr. Click here to see them all.
(This would probably be my favorite--it was on the disk from the orphanage. It shows Frances getting the pink musical teddy bear we sent her through Ann at Red Thread China. Frances loves this teddy bear, and continues to sleep with it. She is so attached to it that Suzanne bought two more of them from Ann when she went shopping with her in Guangzhou, in case one should get lost or worn out.)
(This is Frances, with her foster mother, and an unidentified child and her foster mother, in or around the Yulin Social Welfare Institute in Guangxi. This was one of the pictures on the disk from the orphanage. From the paperwork we were given at the referral, this would be the day Frances was put into foster care, May 21, which as an odd coincidence, was the 6th anniversary of my mother's death, and the day before my step mother Wilda's birthday.)
(Here is another picture on the CD from the orphanage. My guess would be that the man in this picture is Frances' foster mother's husband. It is the only photograph we have of him.)
(My guess is that this was taken in the foster mother's home)
(Does anyone from the Yulin group know what the significance of this rock is? It shows up in a lot of the pictures from the disposable cameras and the disk from the orphanage. There must be something important about it.)
(We know that the little girl in this picture with Frances was adopted by a family from Texas, because they were in Suzanne's travel group.)
DSC00049(Again, we don't know the identity of the child with Frances in this picture)
(We don't know who this child is, but this child appears in several of the photographs that were on the disposable cameras we sent the orphanage)
(Now this picture reminds me of the Lake Michigan dune grass...)

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Billy and Maggie said...

Dale your baby girl is beautiful! She seemed to have been very well cared for and loved. Congratulations to you and your wife.