Monday, November 17, 2008

Videos from Gotcha Day

One of the best $150 I ever spent was on our tiny little flip camcorder. It is very light and compact and easy to use. It has a USB connection which pops out of the side, which you just stick in the USB port of the computer and it transfers the video files to your computer pretty quickly. I have managed to upload a few of the videos Wilda shot on Gotcha Day, which was the day Suzanne first got Frances.
Here is what it looked and sounded like in the Office of Civil Affairs in Nanning when they brought in the babies:

Here you can see them putting Frances in Suzanne's arms. Wilda's voice can be heard in the background, as she was filming. Suzanne was told to have her passport ready to show them. I will say this--Frances starts screaming after a minute, and I think its because the nanny took the blanket out of her mouth. When she is about to go to sleep, she has this white quilted blanket that she sucks, and if she doesn't have it, all hell breaks loose. Once she got the blanket back in her mouth, she was out like a light. :)

And here is the next in the series:

And the next:

And finally, Suzanne leaves the office for the bus, with Frances sound asleep in her arms:

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Anonymous said...

Love the videos Dale! She is a cutie!!

Love, Mel