Sunday, November 23, 2008


knitted items 2
It should be obvious that Frances and I are both loved by someone who knits.
After the doctor cleared Frances, we decided to visit my Great Aunt Mae in Holland. Aunt Mae is a champion knitter. She knit my "lovely" stocking hat (I asked her to make me a stocking hat that wouldn't get stolen--I go through two or three of them in the course of a Michigan winter) this summer--though I picked out the yarn. She doesn't care for the loud colors, and couldn't quite figure out what had gotten into me, wanting a hat made in such bright colors, but she made it even though the colors gave her a headache. But the hooded shawl for Frances was a surprise. We just love handmade items--
Anyway, Aunt Mae has been following our adoption with interest. After raising her five children, she was a foster mother for the county, for many years. Aunt Mae and her daughter Marcia were just delighted with their visit from Frances, even after she stunk up the living room doing what babies do. Frances also got hats and sweaters and a pretty dress, all  handmade. 
Here is Frances with Aunt Mae.
Here she is with Marcia.


Nina said...

Great to see Frances at home and looking so happy!!

Billy and Maggie said...

Frances seems right at home with her new family :-)