Thursday, November 13, 2008


They had their consulate appointment, they were sworn in, and at about 3pm our time (4am China time) they are going to receive a wake-up call at and they need to be on a bus to the Guangzhou airport by 5:30 am (6:30 pm our time). Their flight leaves sometime around 9:30 am (8:30 pm our time) and in less than 36 hours from this very minute, they will be landing in Detroit if everything works according to plan. There is a layover in Tokyo, and while I've gotten good at figuring out China time, I haven't even endeavored to figure out Japan time or how that fits into the picture. I am very relieved, I am very anxious, I am very ready for life on the other side of the adoption process--whatever that may be--to emerge. The house is as babyproofed as its going to get before they come home. Apparently Frances got her hands on our top-secret sealed envelope of documents from the US Consulate and tried to open them-- but Suzanne got it from her before any damage was done. She said the package is sealed in Saran Wrap. Its very bizarre. She's not allowed to open the envelope, she has to just hand it to the customs agent when she gets off the plane. I've heard that its the same paperwork she's been carrying around with her the whole trip. But its sealed and she's been given dire warnings about opening the packet, so it makes it all the more mysterious. 
I think they are both resigned to having to pay surcharges for overweight luggage. Wilda shipped a package home, but they've still been shopping, and shopping, and shopping. I have a sore throat. Frances was fighting going to sleep. The poor thing. At least Suzanne and Wilda understand the concept of jet lag, and can voice their needs and take care of themselves. I wonder what on Earth we're going to do with a jet lagged baby. Its going to be an interesting next few days. And I wish things were different, but I know I am going to hate going to work on Monday. 
Say a prayer for their safe travels...

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Suzer said...

Prayers ascending for safe travels, for jet-lagged baby (and mama and grandma), and for an excited and anxious new dad. May God's Grace and Love shine upon your family as this wonderful new blessing comes into your lives. And may you eventually get some sleep. :)

I hope you'll post lots of pictures when they get home.