Thursday, December 18, 2008

A beautiful present...

Diane, Suzanne's friend from the altar guild, made this gorgeous red thread panda bear quilt for Frances, and the back is lined with ladybugs. Its absolutely gorgeous. We tried to get Frances to cooperate and pose for a picture with the quilt, but she was more interested in pulling herself up on the big box of diapers in the corner of the room.
That being said, Frances has a new trick. The cats, when they want to get away from her, tend to run under our bed. Frances, then, decided to crawl under our bed after Snap Dragon, and then, once she got there, she wanted to sit up and play with the kitty, but she couldn't sit up, and bumped her head, and then she felt trapped, and this all triggered a major meltdown. She was mad because she couldn't sit up, she was mad that she bumped her head, and she felt trapped. And did I mention she was under our bed and out of reach? It was a sight. Finally Suzanne got her to crawl out from under the bed, and then the screaming baby emerged, with a big red lump on her little head. We figured then, since she was already screaming, it was a good time to suction out her nose--so we did that since she was screaming anyway, and then, after all that indignation, Frances went down for her nap. I keep thinking of Frances in the context of Mrs. Slocombe, a character on the 1970's British sitcom "Are You Being Served" who often said "How Ignomonius!" and so now, when Frances pitches one of her fits, we say "Oh, how Ignomonius!" in a posh British accent. Well, WE think its funny. I don't know that Frances gets the joke.


Suzer said...

And I suspect Frances is unanimous in that!

The word verification is "misimp" -- kinda close to miss imp, the joy of which you seem to have on your hands! I've tried to get a cat out from under a bed, but never a baby. At least you can gently swat a cat with the broom -- not so with children.

Hope you're surviving all the snow.

Billy and Maggie said...

Poor Frances!! Sounds like a sitcom skit except the poor thing comes out with a boo-boo.