Friday, December 12, 2008

Caught on film!

Lets just say that Frances loves the kittys, but the kittys aren't quite so fond of Frances. Her mother snapped this picture on Wednesday... Frances was chasing Bouvier, and Bouvier took cover upstairs, which, up until this point, had been a safe zone for him. The upstairs is no place for Frances--its our chaos room. Its not heated well, and the whole upstairs of the house is one big dormer room which we call my "study" because it houses my academic clutter and the computer, but it also holds all my clothes, because the bedroom only has one tiny closet which Suzanne claimed. Anyway, Suzanne thought this was just the cutest thing. It was the first time Suzanne had left the door to the upstairs open for any period of time (she was bringing my laundry up) and Frances had never given any indication that she wanted to climb steps. Anyway, Suzanne called up to her, and Frances turned around for a split second, waved once, and then resumed her task. Suzanne snapped the picture before retrieving her from the top of the stairs. 
Frances has a new favorite activity--opening doors and cupboards!
I haven't posted much this week because it was exam week and I am still swamped with grading.

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