Saturday, December 13, 2008

I was tagged

I was tagged in the Crazy Eights Blog Meme by Daisies, Doggies and Daddy, and since I'm in procrastination mode, I'll bite.

Eight Favorite TV shows: (I am part of the "Kill Your TV crowd, and look forward to February when my technology will be obselete with digital broadcast TV... )

Nanny 911

Are You Being Served?
Keeping Up Appearances
2 1/2 Men
Monty Python
The News
As Time Goes By
8 Things I look Forward to:
Frances getting over her cold
Me getting over my cold
Finishing the rest of this dratted grading
GM's stock price soaring
Any other stock I own, soaring
Going to bed
Finishing this survey
8 Things on My Wish List:
A daughter without a cold
Getting over my cold
A digital SLR
New windows for the house in GR
A big, fat raise
A sump pump system for the cottage
New flooring in the house in GR
An extension for the house in GR
8 Things I did yesterday:
Gave an exam to my 8am class at MSU
Gave an exam to my 12:40 class at MSU
Graded exams
Graded papers
Cuddled Frances
Ate food
checked email

8 Favorite Restaurants: (I don't think I have EIGHT restaurants where I can eat, anymore!)
"The Circle Inn" at Gun Lake
The Peppermill Grill
The Brandywine
Clara's Lansing Station
Sam's Joint
Sundance Grill
On the Border

8 Friends to tag:
(I don't have EIGHT blogger friends! Whatever shall I do? I guess I'll have to tag the only two who haven't done this meme yet, and call it good)
Alyzabeth An
Journey to Kavanna

Okay so the rules are simple, tag 8 of your blogger friends by leaving a comment on their blog. Answer the 8 interesting facts and enjoy.
Have Fun!!


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Alyson and Ford said...

I will get around to this "assignment" soon.... so much to do first for Christmas...
My list will be very different from yours (I am in a completely different culture decade!).

Maybe DH will help me!

Alyzabeth's Mommy of Three Months!

Nina said...

I will get to the list when I have eight extra minutes :)