Thursday, December 4, 2008

It came!

Houston, we have a birth certificate!
Whew! What a relief. Now we can get her a proper social security number, and thus, taxes won't be needlessly complicated this year. Plus, we have a legal AMERICAN document giving us custodial power--so we don't get strange looks from doctors' offices, benefits officers or daycare facilities when we try to assert our legal rights to obtain various services for her. It also makes her all the more OURS. Its a tremendous relief.


Billy and Maggie said...

Hey Congratulations!! I know it must be such a good feeling. I cant wait to see our Olivias.

Ellen said...

She is YOURS per the Chinese and American governments!!!
Ah, what a feeling!

Anonymous said...

How nice

Carol said...

I bet that Frances would enjoy going shopping with you, and sitting in the child part of the shopping cart all buckled in, holding a few coupons.