Sunday, December 7, 2008


I don't have any new pictures to post since Thanksgiving. Things are going very well, there just isn't much interesting to photograph. Michigan is covered with snow, it seems to have snowed all week, and I think its safe to say we've had at least a foot of the cold white stuff, over the past week. Because of that, we don't get out much, people don't visit, nobody wants to be out on the roads more than they have to. We've gone to the mall, we've gone to a few restaurants, but thats about it--there's been nothing particularly interesting to photograph. Its also been a very busy week for me at work, so I've taken scant pictures. This week is final exams, so I'm still crazy busy. After finals, I think we're going to head over to the Frederick Meijer Gardens, and take some pictures for Christmas cards.
People ask about teething. Frances now has four teeth--all in front--two on top and two on bottom. She was not happy when they were coming through--and she hated the orajel, even the cherry flavored stuff.
Everyone asks about her sleeping, and I seem to disappoint them when I say she sleeps for 10-12 hours at a go. Sorry to disappoint. Unless she has a night terror, which doesn't happen often, she sleeps through the night if she gets some protein at dinner, because she doesn't wake up hungry. Sometimes, when she wakes up, she has these "out of body" experiences where she cries inconsolably, like she's half-asleep. Once we get her completely awakened, she is her usual adorable self. Our referral said she is a deep sleeper, and they were right. The noise from the snowplows going by have disturbed her, a bit. But if she wakes up crying, all we have to do is tell her she's okay and reassure her that we're there, and she's goes right back to sleep within a minute.
She has this adorable, big toothy grin. It warms our hearts.
For the other IA folk, getting a SSN for Frances was not as easy as we thought it would be. Even with the birth certificate, the SSN lady kept throwing their computers into chaos when the system asked for place of birth, and she put "China." She was going to put down Grand Rapids for the place of birth, but then thought better of it. I think we got the newbie, because it took her over an hour to figure things out, and by the time we were done, there were two other workers coaching her through the process. The second middle name, with the hyphen, didn't work well with the system, either. I finally told them to just list her as "Frances Bernadette" with our surname, eliminating the second middle name, and that seemed to work.
Remember that Frances' Chinese name was Lin Shi Tong, with Lin as the surname. We got paperwork from USCIS addressed to Frances as "Shi T Lin" Maybe I'm hyper sensitive to this because she's my child, but I kept stting "Shit Lin." Yikes. This is why we hyphenated the Tong-Shi.
Anyway, Frances' SSN should be in the mail. And the birth certificate will solve the problem of the funny looks we get when we show up at the doctor's office with Chinese documents as our only proof of legal right over this child.
Anyway, thats what I've got to say for now. Frances is fine.

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Hey Dale..TAG YOUR IT!!..go to my blog and see what its about. Your baby girl is so darn cute!!!