Wednesday, January 7, 2009

All Christmassed Out

These pictures aren't exactly current, but I think they are cute enough to warrant being blogged anyway. They were taken at our cottage on the day after Christmas. We'd enjoyed round one of Christmas with my relatives, and were gearing up for round two, with an assortment of Suzanne's family coming from Wisconsin. Anyway, the agreement was that I would take Frances on errands so her mother could vacuum and mop floors--and I had her all dressed for going out in the 3' of snow we had covering the ground at that stage of the game. I gave her the bottle in the intent that she could sleep during the 45 minute drive to Wal Mart, where I was heading. Then, I realized I had better use the restroom, and then had to take a phone call, so I set her down on the floor, and Frances proceeded to down the bottle and fall dead asleep... more or less folded in half. Her mother took the first picture, and then gently unfolded her and gave her a pillow.
I must add that the second round of Christmas was thwarted by severe weather. After weeks of nonstop snow and cold, we had a sudden 60 degree warm up with torrential rain, and ALL the accumulated snow melted, in addition to the torrential rain which lasted most of the day. To make a long story short, the whole bottom floor of our cottage flooded. Early the following morning, we packed everything up as the water was coming in, threw the Christmas presents in trash bags, and dispatched Suzanne's family back to Wisconsin and we headed for higher ground, only to come back the next day with pumps and shop vacs, to dry out the cottage. We've gotten far too good at dealing with flooding, I think.
Well, I best be off. Today is Frances' first day in daycare. We're doing half days this week, and then a full schedule next week. We have paid for 12:00-5:00 today, and are going to take full advantage of it.

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