Monday, January 12, 2009


Yesterday morning we got up and dressed Frances in one of the silk outfits her mother bought for her in Guangzhou, and the silver bracelet engraved with her Chinese name, which was given to her by the director of her orphanage, and took her to church to be baptized. Here are pictures of the event:
Here is Frances with her godfather, Father Bob, who drove all the way to Michigan from his church in New Jersey, through a nasty snowstorm, just to be with us for the baptism.
They baptized several babies that day, in alphabetical order. Being that we are W's, we were last. It was, of course, nap time, so Frances was very squirmy and didn't much want to be held.
Like I said, she was very squirmy.
I eventually handed her off to her mother.
And her mother handed her off to her godmother Carol, who is a pro at this.
One minute she was a Buddhist, the next, an Episcopalian. Its interesting how so many things in life change in a fleeting moment...
When they finally got to us, Frances was not best pleased to have Fr. Zachariah pouring water on her head. She made a grab for this clam shell thingy, but he, having a small child himself, was on to her and got the deed done.
"There now, its over, was it that bad? Ooh, see the pretty candle? No, you don't get to hold the pretty candle..."
Here we are with a sleeping, newly-baptized Frances and her godparents.
And here we are with all the assembled company, including a sleeping Frances, Suzanne and I, Frances's godparents, two uncles, one auntie, one grandmother and two cousins. A grandfather was also present, but he seemed to be off in search of coffee anytime anyone took pictures.
She got a very brief nap after the baptism, but then she was crabby afterwards, and not very photogenic. She finally fell asleep in the car, on the way to the party. Suzanne sat in the car with her for a half hour, while she slept, just so she could get in one decent nap, she was so overstimulated.
We had a party later in the afternoon, and here is a picture of the obligatory sheet cake. I was too busy talking to people to take many pictures at the party, where Frances had a good time showing off the pretty pink silk outfit that her Nay-Nay in Virginia sent for Christmas, as well as her newly discovered walking ability to her guests. I think my cousin took some, so I'll have to have a word with her.
I did have time to get one last shot of us with Father Bob before he ventured back out into this extreme Michigan winter we seem to be having this year. This pink silk outfit Frances is wearing was a Christmas gift from her Nay-Nay in Virginia who understandably didn't want to venture out into the frozen abyss that is Michigan at this time of year.


Alyson and Ford said...

What a wonderful day!! Love the photos and all the smiles. You guys are doing great!
We are waiting to have AA baptized in the spring when my Mom is here.

Alyzabeth's Mommy of FOUR Months!!

Billy and Maggie said...

Hi Dale!

Sorry to respond to you so late, I got your comment when we arrived home. Was there anything you wanted from China? Please let me know, I may have bought it lol. Hubby and I did a ton of shopping while out there.

Love your photos and video, Olivia is quite the squirmer to. Sometimes I wish I were an octopus lol.

Take care,