Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Daycare, and some pics from the Christmas photo shoot

Frances did well in daycare today-- much better than her parents did putting her in daycare. We survived--we managed not to call once to find out how she was doing. We dropped her off and got ourselves out of there and grit our teeth and she survived. The daycare ladies say Frances behaved herself well--that she is nice to the other children and shares and is really trying to get the walking thing down. So thats good... I guess. Gosh, the time went by fast. Suzanne goes back to work next Monday.
I realized I never posted pictures from the Christmas photo shoot we had at Meijer Gardens. I had pictures made into Christmas cards, and I think I wanted to wait to post the pictures on the blog until everyone had gotten their Christmas cards. Well... here they are. My friend Dave took many of the pictures. He is a colleague at GV. Here is a picture of Dave holding Frances in the cafe at Meijer Gardens. I think Frances thinks Dave's bottle would taste better than hers and wants to effect a trade...
Here are two good pictures of Frances in her red Christmas dress:
I love her sly smile in the above pic. In this next one, she looks more serious.
Here she is with her mother.
Here are some pics of her sitting on my shoulders. I was hoping she would crack a smile, but no such luck. She is so inquisitve and intent on studying everything, that she doesn't ham it up as much as other babies...
Back when I had the time, I used to be in a self-portrait group on flickr, where we posted different pictures that were self portraits. This first one I took in the mirror, but the flowers are camoflauging my camera.
This one, I think, is very cute. It is my facebook profile picture.
And here are two pictures of the three of us. The second one was the one we used in our Christmas cards. I don't like the way I look in the first one--I think my face looks anorexic... Suzanne thinks I am being silly. But Suzanne has always seen me through rose colored glasses.
This was the best of the group shots, and the one that went out in the Christmas cards.
Frances is being baptized this weekend, so I will probably have some more recent photos next week. This week is the first week of classes at GV, plus she started daycare, so we're taking it easy with the camera, but I am sure pictures will be taken this weekend.

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Love all the pics. Keep them coming. Carol