Monday, January 5, 2009

Congratulations to Flora and Megan!

I find this terribly exciting. Normal people don't--but then, normal people don't have these odd circumstances and individuals tied to their children.
Two of the children Frances was photographed with in the orphanage have been adopted by American families. I find this so exciting, because when Frances looks at these pictures of her with other children, we can tell her that her orphanage playmates were also adopted and are now living in this country.
When I first read the blog "Waiting for Flora" and saw Flora's referral picture, I thought Flora looked very much like the child (on the right) in this picture, which was in the collection of pictures we were given by the orphanage. Of course, the children's heads are at odd angles, but still, it looked a lot like Flora. Anyway, I emailed Flora's mother through her blog and sent her the picture, and we've been in contact since, and now Flora has just been adopted by a family in New England.
The child in this next photo has been a mystery to me since we adopted Frances. This picture is dated on the day Frances was taken into foster care from the orphanage. Frances is shown with her foster mother (on the left), and this other child on the right looked so beautiful, and I always hoped that she had been or was also going to be adopted. She was not adopted in our travel group, and it wasn't until just last week that I happened onto the blog "Gators in China" and saw a referral picture of a familiar looking child. This child's name is now Megan, and she has also been adopted by an American family. I find this so exciting. From what I gathered from the information on the blog, Megan, who is two weeks older than Frances, was taken into foster care on the same day as was Frances.
I send my best congratulations to Flora and Megan and their families, and wish them lots of joy and happiness. I can hardly believe its been two months since Frances came home. It seems as if she has always been ours. I wish Flora's and Megan's families the same joy that Frances has brought to my wife and I...

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Alyson and Ford said...

Wow, I can't believe you had such great pictures of other babies in the orphanage! And to think we are following Flora, Megan and also Ruby (we know this family personally) and they are all traveling together.
I love that you now know where some of Frances' "friends" are living. So cool! I don't think that will happen with our AA as she came from a very small orphanage and only one or two are adopted out each year.
Great story!

Alyzabeth's Mommy of 15 Weeks