Monday, January 26, 2009

A lazy winter weekend at the cottage...

We don't always get down to the cottage in the winter, but this weekend we had to get down there, to get things ready for next weekend, when we will have visitors for Frances' first birthday.
Suzanne and Frances were exhausted on Friday night, and fell asleep on the couch.

It has been so cold since we got her here, that we realized we'd only taken her outdoors for the sake of being outdoors, once, and that was on the afternoon after Suzanne arrived back home from China. (This is not to say she hasn't left the house, she has technically been outdoors, its just been a matter of moving Frances from the house to the car to the mall or whatever) So on Saturday, I put Frances in her carrier and we took her outdoors, just for the sake of being outdoors. It is bloody cold here. Lots of snow. We have had 89 inches of snow this season, all since Frances arrived in mid-November. A normal winter brings our part of Michigan an average of 72 inches of snow for the whole season, and we're still in January, so I don't doubt that we will break 100 inches of snow for the year before alls said and done. Anyway, these are pictures around the cottage.
You can see here that the snow is up to the bottom of the Obama sign I left out by the dock.
This is walking on the private road leading off the main road to our cottage. We don't have it plowed regularly.
Here we are in front of the cottage.


rubyiscoming said...

Hi Dale - love your blog, too :)

The only "worry" I had with eggs initially was b/c most American baby books don't recommend egg consumption so early. However, our pediatrician is all over it and I went with my gut. She loves them, good protein, etc.

So, we eat eggs just about daily!!!

Nina said...

Greetings from sunny, warm California (although I have to say the snow and cottage looks very wonderful for me!!).

Tell Frances that her buddy Kavanna says Ni Hao.

G's Momma said...

89 inches of SNOW!!! OK, I guess I'll stop complaining about the fact that it was almost in the 40s last night, we were freezing!

susan -another so cal girl