Sunday, January 18, 2009

some videos...

I brought Flip with me to the baptism and had intended on taking more videos than I did, but by the time the baptism part of the mass came around, I had a squirmy baby in my arms that made me re-prioritize. Anyway, I took two videos the morning of Frances' baptism at church. One is of the procession, and the other is of the recession. In the first video, of the procession (like most Episcopalians, I love a good liturgical procession... let the Evangelical Fundies have their stripped-down, minimalist services, I want pageantry...) Frances, during her last few minutes as a Buddhist, was still awake as the service began, and in this video her godfather, Father Bob from New Jersey, is holding her.

The next time it occured to me to pick up Flip was when they started the closing hymn. By this time, the newly-sacramented baby was sound asleep in her godmother's arms.

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