Monday, February 2, 2009

Birthdays and Busted Lips

Today is Frances' first birthday. Its also a very busy day for her parents, so we spent the weekend celebrating. Her grandparents from Virginia came up for a weekend visit, and she got to see her Nai-Nai (grandmother) Wilda for the first time since they came back from China. It was a good visit. On Friday we went to the CCCGR's Chinese New Year party at a restaurant, and were able to watch performances and dancing by children from the "Chinese Village" school. There were many Chinese adoptees at the party, and it was great fun.
We had a small party for Frances at the cottage on Saturday. Here are pictures of Frances' first encounter with birthday cake. Truth be told, she didn't much care for it. The cake was a family endeavour--Nai Nai baked and frosted it, her Grandfather stirred (I didn't realize we didn't have a mixer down at the cottage) the concoction, Daddy wrote "Happy Birthday Frances" with the food coloring pens, and Mom put the sprinkles on it. Daddy doesn't do sugar and flour, so he didn't eat the cake, but the assembled company attested to the cake's adequacy.

Blogger seems to upload these pictures in reverse order... oh well. I don't have the time to go back and re-0rder them chronologically.
Anyway... the weekend went pretty well, though there was an unfortunate accident. Frances is becoming quite good at walking, though she walks a bit like Frankenstein. The problem came when she fell during one of her walking endeavours, and in her descent, her mouth hit the leg of the dining room table, and her little teeth busted open her lower lip, so she had a bloody lip... which was a mini-calamity. She wanted to be held, but she didn't care for a cold wet washcloth being pushed against her sore mouth, so she voiced some significant indignation. Twenty minutes after the fall, the situation had de-escalated to the level of a mere fat lip. This morning it was barely noticeable (which is a good thing--F's daycare has a photographer coming to take pictures of the kids, and since its her birthday, we figured we would dress F in one of her Chinese silks and make the most of the usually awful getcha gimmick studio portraits.) I felt awful at the time, but feel slightly ammused at Frances' fat lip now. You see, on Thursday I was changing her diaper, and our precious baby kicked her daddy in the face (squeaky shoes can hurt) and gave me a bloody fat lip. There's nothing dainty about those little legs of hers... no sir. And at least, as she gets these bumps and bruises from running into things, she's learning about limits and edges and how the world works.


Alyson and Ford said...

Happy Birthday Frances!! You're a cutie!!

AA trips over her own feet often so "boo-boo's" (result of falling down) and "boom's" (falling down) are frequent conversation and cuddle time.
Enjoy your week!
Alyzabeth's Mommy for 4.5 Months!

G's Momma said...

Happy Birthday Frances!! Sorry to hear about the fat lip. Georgiana falls A LOT but so far no injuries, yeah. I'm sure her turn will come, unfortunately.


Ellen said...

Happy belated birthday, Frances!

Anonymous said...

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