Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This is why I still shoot film

I still shoot pictures on film, because I think the digital cameras I have access to don't capture the color, mood and detail of regular film. Look at these pictures and see what I mean.
With my digital camera, it always takes the picture a second after I hit the button, and with a baby, often the whole expression changes in that split second.

There is a depth of field present in pictures shot on film that I could only capture with a digital SLR, which is out of my price range right now.
The tone and shadowing of this picture would have been completely different if taken with a digital camera, which would likely have drastically altered the mood of the picture.
And no, I'm not going bald, though it sure looks like I am in this picture. It was just a bad hair day, really, it was...

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Anonymous said...

What a sweet family pic!