Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Here we are in Kenosha, which is dubbed by Wikipedia "The Gateway to Wisconsin." We're standing next to a Chicago Bear, hung if effigy:
Here is a picture I took in a mirror, I take lots of pictures in mirrors:
And here we are in front of the Cheese Castle in Kenosha, where they sell cheese and cheese curd in a wide variety of flavors like peppercorn ranch, dill and garlic and even chocolate. Who knew you could do so much with cheese?
Frances, after learning that the brat she'd just eaten was boiled in beer. (j/k)
Who put a cow in a gift shop?
We love Wisconsin! And we say that not just because Suzanne's sister lives there with her husband and their two adorable children. How can anybody not love a state where you can buy fresh cheese curds in a gas station mini-mart? How can anybody not love a state where they have whole restaurants devoted exclusively to serving brats?
We also like Wisconsin because our annual sojourn from Michigan to Wisconsin also allows us access to many wonderful outlet shops, especially those located at Michigan City, Indiana; Gurney Mills, Illinois; and Oshkosh, Wisconsin. I think I buy most of my clothes for the year at the outlets in Oshkosh. The Izod outlet was going out of business, so I had an especially fun time there where everything was 60% off already-reduced prices. Then there was Eddie Bauer, Jansport, Wilson's Leather, which was having liquidation sales, where I was able to pick up an all black wool pea coat for a song... so, like I said, we look forward to our annual sojourn to Wisconsin. And this time, we also were able to reap the benefits of the Children's Place and Oshkosh B'gosh outlets, shopping for you-know-who.
Anyway, that being said, it was a special trip because Frances was able to celebrate her cousin Morgan's fourth birthday with her, at a Princess Party held at the YMCA in Appleton. Frances didn't have enough hair for a tiara, but she got an excuse to wear a poufy polka dot dress...
Here is a picture of Morgan opening her birthday presents:
And here is Mo, all dressed up in her princess gear:
Here is Morgan, surveying her pink birthday cake:
Here is a picture of Frances and her cousin Morgan, in matching dresses:
Here is Morgan with Auntie Suzanne, and Frances with Auntie Char:


G's Momma said...

Outlet shopping and cheese? Sounds awesome! I think we're planning our next family trip to wisconsin!


Nina said...

VERY cute photos! Tell Frances her pal Kavanna gives her a high five (currently one of Kavanna's favorite things to do, besides kiss people's cheeks...and, er, the occasional errant bite).

Billy and Maggie said...

Outlet shopping??? Cheesing it up?? Ummmm I could do that! Sounds like a wonderful time.