Sunday, April 26, 2009

Roid Rage

OK, I am exaggerating, just a bit. But the truth is, poor Frances has not been feeling well lately, and she's getting crabby. The photograph above was taken this afternoon on a mall trip with her Grandma. Frances is throwing a fit because she drank all the milk in her sippy cup. The fact is, that Frances has a lot to be crabby about. She has a molar coming in, she has an ear infection, she is congested, and her breathing problems are flaring up again, which means she has to have treatments that aren't pleasant because she has to be held down and have a mask pressed to her face. If you were 14 months old, you wouldn't like having a mask pushed against your face either, even if it did look like a fishy.
Anyway, the weekend was very rainy, and we didn't get out much, aside from the doctor's office. We did, though, make it to Lansing to see Suzanne's sister Catherine, so Frances could meet her cousins Rita and Dean for the first time. Somehow, we didn't get any pictures with Rita and Dean, but I did take some pictures of Frances at the mall with her Grandmother.
Here she is, making that cheesy, toothy grin she makes whenever she sees a camera.
In the above photograph, Frances is teething on Grandma's walker.
And here she is, checking out something.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We had an awful week, but a great Easter. The whole household was down with an awful bug for the first part of the week. We think it was a norovirus--whatever it was, it closed down the whole infant room at Frances' daycare. Frances was the first to get sick with it, but a few hours later, Suzanne was sick with it, and a few hours after Suzanne was sick, I fell prey to it. We all missed several days of work and daycare this week, but seem to be on the mend.
Easter was nice. We went to church, and I ushered. They had an Easter Egg hunt afterwards, and Frances enjoyed that. Though she's just 14 months old, we think she often channels her inner-two year old, because she has started having tantrums. Sometimes, usually when she's overstimulated or tired, if she wants something and doesn't get it immediately, she goes limp and throws a screaming fit. Maybe the oatmeal is too hot for her to eat, maybe I'm filling the sippy cup too slowly, maybe she can't get at something she wants... whatever it is... she just shuts down. She'll roll around on the floor and bang her head, if she can. Its sort of comical to watch. When that happens, we just step back and let her scream and thrash around until she wears herself down. Eventually she'll stop and want a hug.
After the Easter Egg Hunt, we went over to have Easter dinner with our friends Dave and Kay and their daughter Beth. Dave is a colleague of mine at GV, and has been a friend for a long time. Dave and Kay are captivated by Frances. She had a lot of fun playing in a shelf they emptied out of things they didn't want Frances touching.
In the church basement, before the Easter Egg hunt. Frances now has this toothy, cheesy smile she flashes whenever she sees a looks like something between a smile and a grimace.
They put the Easter Eggs for the children under five years old in the columbarium area at church. Here is Frances, with her egg bucket, picking up eggs.
Here she is, flashing that toothy grin.
And here she is with her mother, in the midst of a tantrum over something.
Here she is with her godmother Carol, after Easter mass.
I always laugh at how Frances makes toys out of the most interesting things. Dave and Kay emptied out this shelf (Dave usually keeps musical instruments there) because they thought the instruments might be tempting for Frances... and she had the most fun playing in the empty shelves.
All worn out. She is asleep here, though at first glance it might look like there needs to be a chalk outline around her.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Not much new news

I know, its been a while since I've posted an update. I haven't taken a picture in two weeks--but we're still here. The weather is getting better (though they are predicting snow tonight, ugh!) but its been kind of gloomy at the same time. I'll take gloomy in the 50s over subzero and sunny--I think. Frances is teething again, she has eight teeth and seems to be working on a ninth. We have been down at the cottage the past two weekends, but the house needs to be cleaned up, and the yard is a disaster, and we've just had things to deal with, so there hasn't been a lot of time for fun. I am trying to get paperwork filed to make Frances a US citizen (because I didn't travel with Suzanne, we need to file the N600) and it seems more complicated than I can finagle. I am waiting to hear from USCIS, but I think Suzanne, Frances and I will need to appear in person in Detroit armed with birth and marriage certificates for Frances and ourselves, as well as a bunch of other paperwork, and a large certified check. Getting to Detroit on a weekday during daytime hours involves Suzanne taking a day off from work, so if it turns out we do need to go to Detroit, then it won't happen until school gets out in mid-May.
Anyway, thats the news. Once I get some new pictures, I will post them. I suspect we will take some on Easter--Frances has the perfect Easter dress. Its a shame that she won't be wearing 18month clothes longer--we've gotten so many adorable outfits in the 18 month size... I don't know if she'll get to wear them all before she outgrows them.