Sunday, April 26, 2009

Roid Rage

OK, I am exaggerating, just a bit. But the truth is, poor Frances has not been feeling well lately, and she's getting crabby. The photograph above was taken this afternoon on a mall trip with her Grandma. Frances is throwing a fit because she drank all the milk in her sippy cup. The fact is, that Frances has a lot to be crabby about. She has a molar coming in, she has an ear infection, she is congested, and her breathing problems are flaring up again, which means she has to have treatments that aren't pleasant because she has to be held down and have a mask pressed to her face. If you were 14 months old, you wouldn't like having a mask pushed against your face either, even if it did look like a fishy.
Anyway, the weekend was very rainy, and we didn't get out much, aside from the doctor's office. We did, though, make it to Lansing to see Suzanne's sister Catherine, so Frances could meet her cousins Rita and Dean for the first time. Somehow, we didn't get any pictures with Rita and Dean, but I did take some pictures of Frances at the mall with her Grandmother.
Here she is, making that cheesy, toothy grin she makes whenever she sees a camera.
In the above photograph, Frances is teething on Grandma's walker.
And here she is, checking out something.

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