Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We had an awful week, but a great Easter. The whole household was down with an awful bug for the first part of the week. We think it was a norovirus--whatever it was, it closed down the whole infant room at Frances' daycare. Frances was the first to get sick with it, but a few hours later, Suzanne was sick with it, and a few hours after Suzanne was sick, I fell prey to it. We all missed several days of work and daycare this week, but seem to be on the mend.
Easter was nice. We went to church, and I ushered. They had an Easter Egg hunt afterwards, and Frances enjoyed that. Though she's just 14 months old, we think she often channels her inner-two year old, because she has started having tantrums. Sometimes, usually when she's overstimulated or tired, if she wants something and doesn't get it immediately, she goes limp and throws a screaming fit. Maybe the oatmeal is too hot for her to eat, maybe I'm filling the sippy cup too slowly, maybe she can't get at something she wants... whatever it is... she just shuts down. She'll roll around on the floor and bang her head, if she can. Its sort of comical to watch. When that happens, we just step back and let her scream and thrash around until she wears herself down. Eventually she'll stop and want a hug.
After the Easter Egg Hunt, we went over to have Easter dinner with our friends Dave and Kay and their daughter Beth. Dave is a colleague of mine at GV, and has been a friend for a long time. Dave and Kay are captivated by Frances. She had a lot of fun playing in a shelf they emptied out of things they didn't want Frances touching.
In the church basement, before the Easter Egg hunt. Frances now has this toothy, cheesy smile she flashes whenever she sees a looks like something between a smile and a grimace.
They put the Easter Eggs for the children under five years old in the columbarium area at church. Here is Frances, with her egg bucket, picking up eggs.
Here she is, flashing that toothy grin.
And here she is with her mother, in the midst of a tantrum over something.
Here she is with her godmother Carol, after Easter mass.
I always laugh at how Frances makes toys out of the most interesting things. Dave and Kay emptied out this shelf (Dave usually keeps musical instruments there) because they thought the instruments might be tempting for Frances... and she had the most fun playing in the empty shelves.
All worn out. She is asleep here, though at first glance it might look like there needs to be a chalk outline around her.


G's Momma said...

I love her photo smile!!! So funny! G absolutely refused to cooperate whatsoever with any efforts at photography. I have to catch her off guard or she'll just look away. Ugh.


Alyson and Ford said...

Oh my gosh.... DH and I just died laughing at your last photo caption.... Your poor daughter is going to have to learn what a sense of humor is!

Alyzabeth's Mommy for Seven Months!

Dale said...

Im glad I ammused you and your DH. I was also thinking I could say she was slain in the spirit, as it was Easter Sunday... but I thought it would be in bad taste. LOL.

Carol said...

Please post some new pictures.