Thursday, May 7, 2009

Beautiful Michigan 1

Yesterday at MSU I gave and graded my last final exam, and am now free for most of the summer (I go to Florida in mid-June for a week, to score AP Exams, but otherwise, I'm free...) Its an exhilarating feeling. I have decided that I want to devote some time to developing a sense of place. I am enthusiastic about Michigan... and want to spend the summer photographing Frances at some of our most beautiful places. Michigan is a unique state, in that we are made up of two peninsulas, and in that we are surrounded by 20% of the fresh water on the surface of the planet. We have more shoreline than the state of California, and in addition to our great lakes, we also have many, many inland lakes, rivers and streams. Michigan is one of the most beautiful states in the union (when its not buried in snow) and its also one of the best kept secrets. And so, this summer, it is my intention to do a photo series, with Frances as the star, entitled "Beautiful Michigan." Of course, I announce this and then we will find out that Frances's asthma is aggravated by something outdoors, and that we need to keep her inside if she's to survive... so if that happens, all bets are off.
Anyway, these pictures were shot quite close to home, at a park on the east side of town. The river in the background is the Thornapple River. I'm not posting them in any particular order.
The picture above was the last picture on the roll of film (yes, I shoot roll film--I have a freezer downstairs, full of expired Agfa film, and I am not buying a digital SLR until I've used up all the roll film I've bought)which is obvious because of the black lines showing where the processor cut the roll of film. Anyway, it shows something resembling Frances's naturally occuring smile.
Here's another one of her good, natural smile.
As opposed to her fake smile, shown in the above shot, which she puts on whenever I take her picture. At first, I thought this was super cute, but now I try to encourage her natural expressions.
Here she is, telling me something.
She wasn't thrilled to be standing on that rock, so she looks a bit anxious in this one. The Thornapple River is in the background... and the river was really high this time. We've had a ton of rain. There is a dock on the river available for fishing, but the water level was so high that most of the dock was submerged.
I think this one is especially cute, though.


Billy and Maggie said...

My is she growing!! She's beautiful

Anonymous said...

love the pics. Carol

Alyson and Ford said...

She is precious! Very beautiful, fine features!
Happy Mother's Day!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Bernie said...

I think its adorable!