Sunday, May 10, 2009

Polaroids and Mother's Day

Remember Polaroids?
With digital cameras taking the wait out of photography, those Polaroid instant pictures seem decidedly retro. I am trying to remember where I bought six packs of Polaroid film--what possessed me to buy six packs of Polaroid film, but I can't. I vaguely remember that it seemed like a good idea at the time--I think they were on some sort of discount, at a store that was going out of business. Maybe I had a coupon or a gift certificate. Could it have been Whitmark's? Montgomery Ward? I used to work at a Montgomery Ward, back in the late nineties when I was student teaching. Maybe that was it. I don't know. I'm frugal, so it must have been a fantastic deal, one that appeared to be something I couldn't afford to pass up. Anyway, I bought six packs of Polaroid film, and set them aside for an important occasion. But because Polaroid film was so expensive, no occasion seemed momentous enough to warrant breaking out the Polaroid camera. So they sat, and sat, and sat. And the film expired in 2005. (I was thinking--2005, that was paperchase, that was when our niece Morgan was born, that was when we thought the adoption was going to take a year.... our original LID was Jan 4, 2006, and then they moved our dossier into the February stack when we got out of review. I remember being just despondent over that--a total mess--but now I think that, had we stayed with the Jan 4 LID, we would have some other child, and I can't imagine not having Frances, or having some other Frances, and so now, I guess I am glad things worked out the way they did.) Anyway, I forgot I had the film at all, until I found it last weekend. So I decided that, if I was going to use the stuff, I better get going. Shooting film that has been expired for four years is sort of fun, because there is a recklessness to it. The film is expired, whether the shot would turn out at all was a big unknown. Anyway, I shot one of the six packages over the past week, and I think they came out fairly well. The colors are a little off, but hey, the film is 4 years expired, so I can't complain. It was kind of fun .
Anyway, since it was Mother's Day, which is also Suzanne's mother's birthday, we went to Lansing and visited with her parents. Because MSU was bursting with springtime, and because we've all had enough of being cooped up with winter, we decided to enjoy being outdoors as much as possible, and went to some of the more picturesque places on campus and shot a bunch of pictures. Only some of them were polaroids--the rest were on film. I will get the film developed at some point and post the pictures here... it will be a while for some of them. You may wonder why I am shooting pictures on film--and here is my reason. I want to buy a digital SLR. Suzanne, however, has asked that, before I go and buy yet another camera, would I please use up the boxes and boxes of film we have cluttering up our basement freezer. It seems like a reasonable request--I have, over the years, bought a ton of Agfa film, which they don't make anymore. I love Agfa film for its color saturation--and so Im going to use it up. I also have a couple dozen rolls of good black and white film in that freezer, as well as medium format film, from when I was using a Yashica TLR, or, more recently, a Holga. So I am going to be shooting pictures on film this summer... trying to use up what I've got, before I move on to something new.
Anyway, regarding Mother's Day--my own mother died seven years ago, and since her death, and especially since the adoption process began, Mother's Day was a holiday we pretended didn't exist. So this year, it was fun to resurrect Mother's Day.
Anyway, on to the polaroids...
Above, you can see her ladyship, sound asleep, sucking on her blanket, as is her usual custom.
And here is her ladyship in the backyard, a few days ago.
Here is her ladyship, touring a bed of tulips near my office at MSU.
Here is her ladyship, with her mother, looking up at an airplane flying overhead.
And here I am, holding her ladyship.


Anonymous said...

All of the pictures are so nice. One of them is in the latest issue of Refund Cents along with my story. Carol

Alyson and Ford said...

I didn't know anyone still had real "film"! I used to be an amateur with my old Argus 500 (? can't remember the model now!). You will have fun using up your old film.
Congrats on celebrating Mother's Day again. Happy Mother's Day! (Father's Day is next!!)

Alyzabeth's Mommy

G's Momma said...

I agree, the polaroid film and faded color does give the impression that the pix themselves were taken in the 70s. Kind of cool.

Congratulations on the rebirth of Mother's Day celebrations in your home!!!