Thursday, June 4, 2009

Celebrating Adoption Photshoot

Another mother from our travel group clued us in to the wonderful program called Celebrating Adoption. The purpose of the program is to celebrate adoptions, and what is so wonderful about it is that its free for adoptive families. Within one year of the finalization of the adoption, the family is entitled to one free sitting with any photographer in the program. These aren't like photographers who sit you in front of a background and snap a picture--these are real photographers who do custom shoots. And its free for the adoptive families. And all the adoptive families know, NOTHING is free in the adoption world. (That is another post for another time--am I the only one who gets profoundly irritated at having to pay for a birth certificate? That just infuriated me, every time we had to do a homestudy update for USCIS, and we did three, to have to purchase another one of my own birth certificates, as if they changed every six months....grr! to add insult to injury, they also charge for death certificates, but I don't have one of those just yet)
Anyway, from several different area photographers who participate in the program, we wound up choosing the fabulous Amy Carroll Photography, and we had our first session at her studio in mid-May. We are going to have another session with her in a few weeks, this one will be outdoors somewhere, likely in one of the city parks. The results were fabulous. I was thrilled. You can see the proofs by clicking here. Then choose Frances's gallery, and then our case-sensitive password is Wood0509
The images are just amazing... so very retro, and so very US. Its a wonderful program, and we're just thrilled to have these wonderful images to commemorate our adoption adventure. To the other adoptive families who follow this blog--check out Celebrating Adoption's website, and find a photographer near you. Participating photographers are available all over the country--

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G's Momma said...

Beautiful pix! I especially love the ones with Frances looking at your images in the reflection of the mirror. Very cool!

I've been looking into the Celebrate Adoption program for us too. Seems like so much fun!