Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mother's Day Pics

I'm so behind on posting... first off, here are some more pics from Mother's Day. Because Mother's Day often falls on Suzanne's mother's birthday, we went to Lansing and Frances spent her first Mother's Day with her mother and grandparents. We had a lovely time walking around Michigan State University's campus. Because I'm a flim loyalist, and these were shot on traditional-process black and white film, it took a month of Sundays to get them back and scanned onto disc.
Oh--a humorous Frances story-- we went to pick out a present for Suzanne, and Frances picked out a glossy, bright orange wallet. I put it back and tried to direct her to something less obnoxious and more Suzanne, but Frances stuck to her guns, and now Suzanne resolutely uses a flashy, glossy, bright orange wallet.
Here are Suzanne's parents at lunch at the Qdoba on Mother's Day.

Here are Frances and her Grandmother, opening presents.

And here is Frances with her mother and Grandmother. They are sitting by the fountain in front of the library, and the MSU clock tower is in the background.
Here is Frances, sitting on a bench. She has taken to climbing up on benches.
And here I am with my favorite baby on my shoulders, in front of the tower.

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