Sunday, June 21, 2009


Late last month, on our way down to Virginia, we also stopped in Ohio to visit Suzanne's sister Catherine, and her children Rita and Dean, who live in one of the northern suburbs of Cincinatti. I didn't realize it at the time, but I shot all of the pictures I took on traditional black and white film (the kind that you can't process in one-hour labs) which I wasn't able to get back from the lab until recently. I love traditional black and white, but it takes a month of Sundays to get it back from the lab.
Here is Frances, on the playground equipment, with her Auntie Catherine and cousin Dean.
And here she is, having a grand time with cousin Rita.
And here she is, with Mom.

And again, with Mom.
This is one of the more interesting pictures I took--Frances was looking through the slats on a bridge over the pond, and I dangled the camera in front of her and clicked the shutter, and this is the result. That odd marking on top of her head is a cobweb.
And here is Frances exploring Auntie Catherine's backyard.

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