Sunday, June 21, 2009

Virginia, more pics...

And, here are some more pictures taken while we were in took a while to get these back from the photo place, because they were done on old-school black and white film, and it seems that nobody processes that anymore.
I like this picture, it reminds me why I persist in using film and shooting pictures with old cameras which nobody uses anymore. I took this while Frances was eating lunch in a restaurant near the children's museum in Lynchburg. I didn't use a flash, and relied on natural light, and it came out wonderfully.
Here are Suzanne's brother Andrew, and his 4 y.o. son, ACE, who live in Virginia Beach, but came to see us while we were in Lynchburg.
Here is Frances with her cousin ACE. I shouldn't have turned on the flash--it bleached out the picture, and you can tell the difference between this picture, and the ones taken in natural light.
Here she sits on a turn-of-the-century child's rocking chair which originally belonged to her namesake--my grandmother Frances-- who was born in 1901. I used the flash here because I am sure it would have been too dark, otherwise.
This is a picture of my father, being silly. We are on the rickety old elevator in his building.
Here is Frances, exploring her grandfather's antique store...
Looking around, checking out the merchandise--somehow, management didn't complain about her handling the breakables...
just look at that baby, acting like she own's the place!
She had fun running around...

She likes climbing onto furniture and sitting on it like she's a grown-up.
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