Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Beautiful Michigan: The Grand River and the Fish Ladder

Every now and then I have this teacher urge come over me and I start answering questions nobody asked. Here is one such example. Grand Rapids is called Grand Rapids because it is situated on the Grand River... hence the Rapids of the Grand. Here ends the lecture.
Anyway, summer continues, and so do our father-daughter field trips. Today I took Frances to the Fish Ladder Park in Grand Rapids, so she could see the fish. The Fish Ladder is a piece of functional art to aide migrating fish, and it enables them to circumvent the man-made rapids in the Grand River. It is quite a sight, seeing these large catfish swimming up and down the steps of the fish ladder. The City made it into a park, and there are nice views of the Grand River, and of the city on the east banks of the river to be seen from the park. Since Frances is big on vocabulary acquisition right now, I thought she would enjoy seeing the fish and the ducks and the river.
This picture turned out wonderfully... I love the expression on her face.
This is what I call an environmental oddity... a fallen tree has produced an island of detritus, consisting of sticks, soda bottles, and a propane tank that somehow found its way into the river, and nature takes up residence on this makeshift island... count the ducks.
Here is a picture of the fallen tree, over the actual "Grand Rapids" which are man made. You can see the historical Sixth Street Bridge in the background.

Here is a shot of Franny, sitting on a ledge with the river and bridge in the background.
Here are some of the large catfish we saw in the water at the fish ladder. It was really quite a sight, watching these fat fish trying to swim up the fish ladder, against the current. Some of the fish were really quite large.
And here is Franny with the Fish Ladder in the background, looking very much like a pouty fashion model...
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